The Science to Analyze, Track and Improve Performance

After more than 40 years in competitive archery, and more than 30 years coaching and mentoring archers and years and years on archery researching all kinds of areas, Tom Stevenson has formed a company, Stevenson Analytics, to explore various potential applications of those research findings. The current areas of focus include High Tech Equipment Setup Analysis and resulting opportunities these finding to Optimize equipment setups, Defining and quantifying what Accuracy really is in the sport of Archery and how to improve on it, how multiple areas can be combined to reveal the true meaning of Archer Performance within archery, and how it can be improved on, how coaches and archers can both use these technologies to improve performance.

Working through the problem

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The Science Behind Advanced Equipment Setup Analysis
The Science
What is True Accuracy and How Do You Measure It?
Tracking the Many Aspects of Performance
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